Mitered Inset Panel Doors

Elevate your space with the traditional appeal of mitered inset cabinet doors from Cabinet Door Factory. Our collection of custom-mitered cabinet doors features a sleek and clean appearance. The timeless appeal of the aesthetic makes this style the perfect choice for all traditional, modern, and contemporary home designs. Explore our selection of mitered recessed panel door styles today. 

What are Mitered Cabinet Doors?

Mitered inset cabinet doors are designed with a mitered joint. This means both cabinet door frames are cut at a 45-degree angle and come together to create a 90-degree angle. This specific joint type improves the strength and stability of the mitered cabinet doors. It also offers a more streamlined appearance. 

The Sophisticated Appeal of Mitered Inset Panel Cabinet Doors

Inset panel doors feature subtle and elegant details. Some styles, like our Rachero Cabinet Door, are designed with a v-grooved inset center panel. While others, like our Woodhaven Cabinet Door, feature traditional rope molding. 

Investing in replacement mitered inset panel cabinet doors is a great way to enhance your home's aesthetic for a fraction of the cost. But when exploring different mitered cabinet doors, always consider your desired aesthetic to find the perfect match.

Explore Handcrafted Mitered Recessed Panel Doors 

At Cabinet Door Factory, all of our mitered recessed door styles are custom-made and made to order. Once you find a style that complements the aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom, send our team the exact measurements you need for your order. Our team will handcraft your order to fit perfectly with the current cabinets in your home. All our mitered inset panel doors are available in nine wood species and 12 Sherwin-Williams color choices. 

Questions or concerns about any of our mitered recessed door styles? Contact our team at 928-474-9425 for more information on any of our styles.