How to Order has made ordering on the internet easier than ever before!

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

To price your cabinet doors and start your order, first click on one of the category groups (the pictures of door groups), then click on the picture of the cabinet door within that category that you are interested in.

A new page will open showing a picture of the door you've selected, and an Order Box will open that will allow you to price and order that door style. By mousing over the door picture you can magnify the picture to see more detail.

The Order Box on this page is where you can see the prices of this door. Start by selecting a wood type from the pull-down menu. (The price shown in the pull-down menu is the price per square-foot for that wood type, in the selected door style). Next enter the door width and height in inches to the nearest 1/16 (0.0625) inch. You can use fractions (like 14 13/16) or decimal (like 28.25). The price for a door of your selected size will be shown.

Next enter the quantity and press the "Add to Cart" button...(If you change your mind, unwanted items are easily deleted from your cart at any time by clicking the red "X" next to the unwanted door size in the cart).

After clicking "Add To Cart" the Order Box will reset and the door(s) you selected is added to the "My Cart" area, which will open above the Order Box.

Continue entering the doors you need, and add them to your cart until your order is complete. Your "My Cart" area will show a listing of each door quantity, width, and height, along with a "Subtotal Amount".

Keep in mind that nothing is charged to your credit card until you have had several chances to review your order.

Then click the "Checkout" button to verify that your order is correct. Your order is not finalized and submitted until after your Credit Card information is entered, and you click the "Submit Order" button. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for payment.

You will see the total cost of your order, including ALL shipping and handling costs, before you give your Visa or MasterCard to finalize your order. If you haven't yet registered with you will be asked to do so at this time.

Although you can see the price for the doors in your shopping cart, we can't yet calculate the shipping charges. To do this we need your shipping address. That's where registration comes in.

Registration is necessary because we will need your shipping address to calculate shipping charges. Once you have given us your shipping address you will be able to see the total price for your order, including all shipping costs.

Now that you have registered and you can see the total cost of your order, you can make your purchase decision. If we have any questions about your order we will use the email address you gave us during registration to contact you. And if you have any questions please email us at

If you decide to purchase your order, This is where you will click the Checkout button. This will open the Billing and Shipping Information Page. Please verify that your shipping information is correct and click "Get Shipping Rates".

Our website will now send the weight and address to Fedex using their Shipping App to request the shipping cost. This process takes about 2-5 seconds and you will see the Fedex shipping price.

Click "Continue" again and the Credit Card Page opens.

When you enter your Credit Card Information and click "Purchase", Our computer system goes into Secure Trading's secure site and transfers becomes encrypted. Your credit card information is protected from everyone, including us and no record of your card information is retained.

Your Credit Card is not charged until you click "Purchase".

Once you place your order it will go to our production facility within 2 hours and be completed within 7-10 business days. Packaging and Fedex or UPS pickup will be on the day following completion. You can expect delivery to your home or business in 1-to-5 days after pickup, depending upon your location.