Wood Species

While some cabinet door manufacturers lower their costs by using less expensive woods, we only use the best woods we can buy...and, because of our high volume, we still have the lowest prices, highest quality, and best value on the web!

We purchase our hardwoods mill-direct and in railcar quantities. Some of our suppliers include Weyerhaeuser, Northwest Hardwoods, Washington Alder, Cascade, and Hardwoods Inc.

Our lumber is dried and milled to the exacting quality standards of cabinetdoorfactory.com.

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    Knotty Oak

Note: Paint Grade woods are used but not pictured.

We use only the very best woods we can buy...Here is an example.

Each wood type we use is the best quality and color we can buy. Because our Custom Cabinet Shop customers depend upon our doors setting the visual tone for their cabinets, we only use the very best. A good example of our selection process is the Red Oak we use.

We stock a lot of different wood species
We stock a lot of different wood species

Red Oak grows in three major regions and the region determines the overall quality of the Oak. Southern Oak grows the fastest, because of the warmer climate, and has the widest range of color. Southern oak, while commonly used for flooring is generally considered the lowest quality of the Red Oaks. Appalachian Oak grows farther north than the Southern Oaks and ranges from Missouri as far north as Indiana and Pennsylvania. Appalachian Red Oak doesn't have the color range of Southern and grows slower causing tighter growth rings and improved stability.

Northern Red Oak grows the slowest and has the tightest growth rings and the most uniform color of all the Red Oaks. Like all the Red Oak regions, Northern Red Oak is further divided into sub-regions. One of these regions, the Glacial region, is the best of the best. Only a narrow sub-section of the Northern Red Oak range is considered the Glacial Region and it extends from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through parts of Wisconsin. Due to the deep top soil left by the Glaciers, the color is a more-consistent "Wheat" color. This Glacial Northern Red Oak is considered the best of the best. That's why we use it in our Red Oak Doors and Drawer Fronts.

Each wood specie we use has a story of it's own, and like our research into the growing regions and sub-species of Red Oak, we have also selected the best of the best in Maple, Hickory, Alder, and Cherry.