Lazy Susan Cabinet Doors

Lazy Susan doors are functional, stylish, and convenient. They make accessing your pantry items and kitchen essentials easy and help you maximize your storage space. Lazy Susan cabinet doors are also a great add-in to your kitchen design if you like traditional or vintage kitchen aesthetics. At Cabinet Door Factory, we have a variety of corner cabinet doors in different styles, wood types, and paint grade options. Explore our selection today to find the perfect fit for your next project.

**Lazy Susan Doors are typically used in corner cabinets to provide a 90" door.

What is a Lazy Susan Cabinet Door?

Lazy sustain cabinet doors are also commonly referred to as corner cabinet doors. They are used in corner cabinets to provide a 90" door. They also typically feature a rotating circular shelving design that helps maximize your storage space and make everyday items more accessible.

Lazy susan cabinet doors gained popularity in the early 1900s. They quickly became a staple in traditional and vintage kitchen designs and are still a popular choice to this day. 

Benefits of Ordering Corner Cabinet Doors From a Trusted Door Manufacturer

At Cabinet Door Factory, we offer a variety of lazy susan cabinet door replacements. All our lazy susan doors are custom-made to fit your current cabinets and provide a tailored look. 

Ordering custom-made replacement cabinets is a long-term investment that can increase your home value and let you personalize your design to align with your aesthetic choices. Whether you like the look of the Camden Lazy Sustain Cabinet Door or want to keep things simple with a Shaker Lazy Susain Cabinet Door. We have everything you need for your next home renovation project. 

Order Your Next Lazy Susan Replacement Today!

For over 30 years, we've provided well-made lazy susan cabinet doors to home builders and retailers across the United States. We're excited to make our custom options available to the general public. 

To place an order, provide us with the exact measurements for your lazy susan doors. Once we receive them, our team will work on creating your custom cabinet doors. We can typically ship unfinished doors in 12-14 calendar days and finished doors in 40-45 calendar days. 

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