Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab cabinet doors are loved for their simple and timeless design. The simplicity of the style makes slab cabinet doors a versatile choice that will look  great in any room in your home, no matter how much your personal design preferences change over time. At Cabinet Door Factory, we have over 28 different wood types and 14 different paint grade options. We also have options with both horizontal and vertical grain patterns. Explore our selection of cabinet slab doors today to get started!

The Beauty is in the Simplicity of Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Slab kitchen cabinet doors complement modern home designs and simple aesthetics. They seamlessly integrate with sleek, built-in appliances and can make your space appear more open and airy. This style can also be customized with different handles, pulls, and knobs to help you achieve a put-together look that complements your design choices.

At Cabinet Door Factory, we have over 42 different wood types and paint grade options available. Whether you're looking for a traditional wood pattern, a laminate material, or a clear conversion varnish. All our slab kitchen cabinet door replacements are custom-made and made to order. We can typically ship unfinished doors in 10-12 calendar days and 30-35 calendar days for finished doors. 

Explore our selection of slab kitchen cabinet door replacements today to get started.

Experience The Cabinet Door Factory Difference

Since 1980, we've been supplying high-quality slab kitchen cabinet doors to store-fronts and cabinet door professionals across the United States. Now, we're making them available to the general public. 

We prioritize affordable, custom solutions with stunning wood quality and grain patterns.

When you shop with us for slab kitchen cabinet door replacements, you can choose from an extensive collection of quality professional-grade options that suppliers across the United States are confident in. 

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