Mitered 5-Piece Drawer Fronts

Mitered 5-Piece Drawer Fronts

Mitered 5-piece drawer fronts have a clean, seamless appearance. A mitered joint also offers durability and stability, making this style an ideal choice for drawers that are in frequent use. At Cabinet Door Factory, we have a wide range of custom-made 5-piece mitered drawer styles ready to explore. Whether you're looking for a traditional, vintage, or modern style, we have you covered.

Custom 5-Piece Mitered Drawer Fronts

Mitered 5-piece cabinet drawer fronts offer a cohesive, put-together appearance. The joints of the drawer front meet at a 45-degree angle, creating a seamless look ideal for various aesthetics.
Our mitered drawer fronts are also part of a larger cabinet door family of products, so you can upgrade the cabinet doors in your space with the same style. We also have a wide range of wood species, paint colors, and finishes to consider for your next home renovation project.

At Cabinet Door Factory, we strive to provide superior craftsmanship and customer service. All of our 5-piece drawer fronts are custom-made and made to order. We only use wood that's sourced from reputable suppliers in North America. Once you find a 5-piece mitered drawer style for your project, send us the width and height you need. Our team will custom-cut and handcraft your drawer fronts for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about our mitered 5-piece drawer panels before placing an order, call us at 928-474-9425 or email us at We're here to answer any questions about the products, measurements, or installation.