El Dorado 5 Piece Drawer Front

El Dorado 5 Piece Drawer Front

Product ID 918 5PDF
Price calculated as Sq. Ft. price + $8.00 per drawer front
Minimum width 7 9/16” Maximum width 40”
Minimum height 7 9/16” Maximum height 20”
There is no warranty on drawer fronts over 33” wide or 10” tall
Stiles & Rails are 1 3/4” wide
Panel grain runs horizontal
Our El Dorado 5 Piece Drawer Front will be aesthetically representative of the El Dorado door (there may be some slight variations depending on style of door).

Scroll down the page to view pictures of the El Dorado family of doors and drawer fronts.
Product ID: 918 5PDF

Base price: $8.00

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