Buying Replacement Cabinet Doors Online

How to choose the highest quality Replacement Cabinet Doors

Replacement cabinet doors are available online and from big box stores like Home Depot. Large cabinet door manufacturers are even starting to offer doors online to home-owners through websites. The reason for not offering to sell direct to the consumer in the past was cost. It was less costly to sell only in large volume and direct to builders and cabinet shops than to the end user. The internet has changed the way a few of the large manufacturers of cabinet doors operate. A well designed website doesn't require a team of order-takers to answer phone calls. A well designed website will show the web consumer a much larger selection than any retail big-box store can stock and display, and the also at a much lower price. While the big-box retailer may offer a dozen different cabinet door styles, the web manufacturer will be offering hundreds of styles.

The quality question is actually easier to answer than it appears. Simply ask about the door's thickness. The method most lower-end manufacturers use to cut costs is simply by using thinner material, and if the manufacturer is cutting costs on the wood, he is likely to be cutting costs in other areas as well. doesn't cut costs by using thin wood. Our doors finish at a full 13/16-inches thick, compared to 3/4 (or even thinner) with the cut-rate suppliers. The real significance of this additional 16th inch in thickness is that the extra thickness is added to the front of the door. This actually increases the depth of the face detail by 20%, giving a much richer and deeper profile detail. The difference is striking. Next comes the question of price.

The retail store will order the cabinet doors from the manufacturer. Then he adds his costs for delivery, store space, salesman salary, and profit. On the internet the manufacturer only needs to cover his increased costs for operating on the internet site and for the smaller average order size. The manufacturers motivation is that maintaining a website is far less expensive than maintaining a huge retail store, and employing a few computer programmers is much less expensive than maintaining a large sales staff 16 hours per day. Once setup and operating, the website continues to operate with very little added cost to the manufacturer. Because of these cost savings the web manufacturer is able to offer a much greater selection, at a lower retail price, and with a shorted deliver time.