Paint Grade Cabinet Doors

Elevate your kitchen or bathroom with high-end paint-grade cabinet doors from Cabinet Door Factory. We have various styles, paint colors, and options for your next project. Whether you want unfinished cabinet doors, you can paint yourself or one of our 12 finished Sherwin-Williams paint colors - we have you covered. 

What are Paint-Grade Cabinets Made Out Of?

All our paint-grade doors are made of medium-density fiberboard. MDF is an engineered wood product made out of wood fibers. The wood has an even appearance and doesn't have knots or a grain pattern like other wood types. This makes it great for painting and achieving a smooth, even finish.

Why Choose Paint Grade Doors?

There are many benefits to ordering paint-grade cabinets for your next home renovation project. Paint-grade doors are an affordable alternative to solid wood doors that are highly customizable. They also have a smooth, even surface perfect for painting and are less susceptible to swelling and warping. 

How to Measure for Replacement Paint-Grade Doors

Before placing your order for new paint-grade doors, you'll need proper measurements to ensure your custom doors fit your cabinets. To get started, simply:

  • Remove your current cabinet doors and measure the cabinet door opening
  • Determine if you need a full, half, or inset overlay
  • Calculate the cabinet door opening size by adding one inch to your measurement
  • Double-check the current hinge placement

For a full video tutorial, watch our YouTube video: How to measure cabinet openings for new 

cabinet doors

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How to Order Ready-to-Paint Cabinet Doors With Cabinet Door Factory

We strive to make the ordering process for paint-grade cabinet doors as straightforward as possible. Once you find a style you like, here's how to order:

  • Choose a style
  • Select a paint-grade option
  • Measure your current cabinets and cabinet doors
  • Provide the width and height you need for your replacements
  • Check out and pay for your order

Our finished and unfinished paint-grade cabinet doors are custom-made and made to order. We also have 14 Sherwin-Williams paint colors available. Turnaround times may vary. Our unfinished doors ship in 12-15 calendar days, and our finished doors will ship in 35-40 calendar days.

Explore High-Quality Ready-to-Paint Cabinet Doors Today

Our paint-grade cabinets are custom-made to fit your kitchen or bathroom. When you order from Cabinet Door Factory, you cut out the middleman and have a chance to save big on your next home renovation project. 

Whether you're looking for shaker style, adobe, or slab doors. All our most popular options are available in over 14 different paint-grade options, so you can add color to your kitchen or bathroom at an affordable cost. 

Explore our ready-to-paint cabinet doors today.