Mission Glass Ready Cabinet Door

Product ID 934
Minimum width 10 1/2” Maximum width 26”
Minimum height 9 1/2” Maximum height 60”
There is no warranty on doors over 24” wide or 60” tall
Stiles & Rails are 2 1/4” wide
Doors 50” or taller will have a center rail
Our Mission cabinet door is built with a cope and stick joint, an inset center panel and has a "cathedral arch" reminiscent of the old mission churches of the American Southwest. It's clean lines and subtle details are aesthetically pleasing. Our Mission door works well in combination with our Adobe cabinet door when arched upper doors and square lower doors are the desired look.

To see this door with a raised center panel, view our Colonial and Liberty cabinet doors.

Scroll down the page to view pictures of the Mission family of doors and drawer fronts.
Product ID: 934 OG
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