Camden Cabinet Door

- Product ID: 908
- Dimensions: Customizable to your specifications, offering a width between 6 13/16” and 26”, and a height from 6 13/16” to 60”.
- Stiles & Rails: Each 2 1/4” wide, contributing to the door's structured and defined appearance.
- Additional Feature: Doors over 50” in height include a center rail for enhanced stability and visual appeal.
- Warranty Note: Be aware that doors larger than 24” in width or 60” in height are not covered under warranty due to size.

The Camden Cabinet Door is uniquely designed with a cope and stick joint and a solid inset bead-board center panel, accentuated with square inside and outside frame details. The distinct beaded grooves set this door apart, offering a stylish yet traditional look suitable for any room.

Please scroll down to view images of the Camden family of doors and drawer fronts.
Product ID: 908
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