DIY Cabinet Door Replacement & Installation Videos

How to Measure for New Cabinet Doors

If you are planning to replace kitchen cabinet doors or reface your kitchen cabinets with unfinished cabinet doors, this video will explain how to determine the correct sizes for the new cabinet doors by measuring the opening sizes on your existing cabinets. This video will concentrate on calculating the correct sizes for overlay cabinet doors, and our examples will focus on the most common 1/2-inch overlay. This method of calculating door sizes will work for mitered cabinet doors and traditional cope and stick cabinet doors, as well as square or arched cabinet doors.

Discover the process of attaching Blum Hinges to your new doors, including the steps to correctly place hinge Mounting Plates on your face frame. Our close-up video makes hanging your cabinet doors easy and precise.

Finally, we demonstrate how to utilize the adjustments in Blum Hinges for flawlessly aligning your new cabinet doors, achieving a professional finish.