How to choose the best replacement unfinished kitchen cabinet doors

How to choose the best replacement unfinished kitchen cabinet doors

It’s actually easy to find the best cabinet doors available online.

Just ask yourself a series of straight foreword questions.

1. Am I more likely to find superior quality from an established cabinet door factory or from a handyman making cabinet doors on the side?

2. Would I expect to see better quality from a source with a machinery investment of millions of dollars or a small supplier with a much smaller machinery investment?

3. Do I believe that a large supplier buying lumber by the railcar pays less for lumber than a small supplier?

4. Do I believe that a railcar customer is able to demand better lumber quality than a small customer?

5. Do I believe that a larger cabinet door supplier is able to utilize economies of scale to lower costs through volume purchasing and the increased productivity of automated computerized machinery?

6 Is it reasonable to believe that with much lower overall costs, the larger cabinet door manufacturer also offers lower prices?

Answering “Yes” to these questions can lead you to several internet sources that can, and will, save you between 30% and 50% on tour replacement kitchen doors.

Once you have determined that you now have a choice, and I don’t mean just a choice between the various retail hardware stores. You now have a choice between a retail store and the actual manufacturer.

Yes, you now have a choice of buying retail from the hardware store, or buying online directly from the factory that supplied the hardware store. The best way to see the difference in prices is to visit the hardware store and see the prices, then visit and see what the actual manufacturer charges.

Make the comparison and do the math. The savings will shock you.

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