Cabinet doors online and factory-direct


This one-minute video will explain the process of ordering cabinet doors online from The Cabinet Door Factory.

To select the cabinet door you want, click on the category containing that particular style of door.
For instance, the Cope & Stick Square Inset Panel Door category contains the doors we manufacture in that group.

Clicking on the pictures of the other categories will open pages showing the doors in those respective groups.

This example will view, select, price and order our popular Shaker Cabinet Door in various wood types.

We’ll get started by clicking the Cope & Stick Inset Panel category and then clicking the Shaker Door.
This opens the product page for that door.

Scrolling down displays pictures of the wood types available for this door style.
Clicking on the picture of any Wood Specie will highlight that wood. The price-per-square-foot for the Shaker Door (in each wood type), is shown under each wood picture.

To order the Shaker door simply click to highlight the wood you want, then enter the quantity, width and height.
Click Add to Shopping Cart, then repeat the process for each door you need for your project.

When all your doors have been added to your shopping cart, click checkout.

If you haven’t yet registered, you will be asked to do so at this time. Registering asks for your delivery address and an email address so we can confirm your purchase, resolve and questions we may have about your order, and calculate the exact shipping cost to your address.